Vivo to launch Earthquake detection feature soon with FunTouch OS 10

Recently, Xiaomi introduced the latest “Earthquake warning” feature in its MIUI 11 custom interface. All of us are well aware of the potential mass destruction by an earthquake. Therefore, a few seconds early warning could make a huge difference. Now Vivo has also planned to follow its footsteps.

Official Announcement

Xiao Zhuge, Project Manager for the Vivo FunTouch OS has revealed that the team is currently busy working on a new feature i.e. “Earthquake Warning” for the custom operating system.

Earthquake detection feature

Moreover, the company had its plans. Vivo was about to launch its custom new JoviOS custom user interface for smartphones, but the plan was dropped. Instead, the company has launched a new version of its existing FunTouch custom UI, named as FunTouch OS 10.

What is the motive behind this feature?

The basic idea of this feature is to provide a few seconds of extra time to the users to get more prepared and to protect themselves better before the actual earthquake happens.

How much time does it give us before an earthquake?

Moreover, this amazing feature will warn the users before tens of seconds of seconds of an earthquake, which of course, could make a huge difference. This weather-related feature is currently under the development phase.

Vivo FunTouch OS 10

Other features of Vivo FunTouch OS 10

Further, Xiao Zhuge said that FunTouch OS 10 introduces positioning areas that will provide forecast every minute for the next two hours and with the “distant love” feature, it can display the time and weather of two different places at the same time.

Moreover, the feature could provide valuable information about the nearest emergency shelter, emergency contact details, medical contacts, and the rescue information too. For more details, one can refer to Mukul Sharma @stufflistings on twitter.

The company will test this feature in the upcoming weeks and as soon as it is ready, Vivo would roll it out. Hence, we can expect this feature to arrive soon. Hopefully, we will be able to operate on Vivo FunTouch OS 10 soon.

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