Samsung’s New Patent shows “Stretchable Display”

South Korean manufacturing giant, Samsung is one of the major companies in the field of smartphones. Today, whenever we talk about innovative smartphones, the first thing, which comes to our mind, is ‘Foldable Technology’ but it has their own issues.

New Patent Design

Samsung has come with an interesting idea that solves many of the foldable technology issues. According to Patently Mobile reports, Samsung is working on a smartphone having a “stretchable display” whose can length increases by a few inches without any discontinuity.

Phases of Operation

One can use the patented smartphone in two states – open and closed. In the closed state, it appears like a normal smartphone, whereas in the open state, the display of the smartphone can expand to a comparatively bigger size.

Moreover, the alteration in the size of the smartphone (because of the moveable backside plate) would be under the user’s control. The patent sketch suggests that the Samsung phone is having narrow left and right sides, and a wide-looking chin.

Besides, the patented smartphone is also having a sensor too that would recognize a change in the touch input coordinate in real-time to calculate the degree of alteration of the display screen size.




However, this is only a patent. There is no confirmation if the design would reach to production phase or not. Therefore, it is advisable to take this as a pinch of salt and stay tuned to Trending Leaks.

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Happy Androiding to all of you!

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