Samsung To Launch A New Smartphone With A Notched Display

Samsung is reportedly working on launching a new smartphone with a notched display. The company has filed the patent for the same. The report has come to Trending Leaks courtesy of Letsgodigital.

upcoming Samsung smartphone with a notched display


The design patent revealed no substantive information outside the series of images. Although most designs speak for themselves, an oval slot has been placed above the notch with one Samsung smartphone model.

upcoming Samsung smartphone with a notched display

Normally, you would expect the speakers here, it is unclear whether the speakers in this design are integrated into the display or get a different location. What the slot serves for remains unclear, possibly that an accessory can be attached here.

In addition, the height of the notch differs. With two models, the front camera is placed directly under the screen edge. However, we also see two designs where the notch is positioned significantly higher and is half processed in the screen edge. This allows an even larger screen area to be created.

upcoming Samsung smartphone with a notched display


The patented phone models seem to be an evolved version of the Infinity-U and Infinity-V smartphones that are expected in 2019. These displays will be used for the budget and mid-range devices of Samsung. The Galaxy A70 seems to be (one of) the first Samsung phones with a notch. It is possible that the Korean manufacturer will unveil the new notch models in 2020/2021.

By that time, Samsung will probably also introduce the first smartphones with a New Infinity display, where no camera hole is visible anymore. These Samsung Galaxy phones get an in-display camera. The Galaxy S10 series will not get a notch. This phone series will be equipped with an Infinity-O display, just like the recently introduced Galaxy A8s.

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