Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Leaks, A new competetor to the Razr Fold is incoming!

Samsung recently announced that they had sold over 1 million units of the first-gen Galaxy Fold, this came as a surprise as there weren’t many people who wanted to buy one, rather more today the next generation of the Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Fold 2 leaks in design which looks pretty similar to the Moto Razr that was announced a few months back. We have seen some leaks regarding this before but this new leak shocked the industry, as Samsung has opted for an vertically folding display rather than the horizontal one used on the Galaxy Fold.

The Galaxy Fold 2 fold down vertically and this is where it gets interesting, once folded it shows up the time, date, battery percentage and more, but in this current leaks it is not confirmed yet whether the outer version of the Fold will have a display or not. According to the images, the phone has an Infinity-o display similar to the one seen on the Note 10, with the punch-hole on the top center. The phone has somewhat thick bezels possibly to fit some sensors within, a USB-port, a speaker grill, there is no sign of the headphone jack, so we may assume currently that it wont come with a headphone jack as of now.

The back has two dual rear facing camera surprisingly, as according to the previous reports it was to include the same flagship camera’s from the Galaxy S11 lineup. The details on the camera’s are unknown as of now, and the rear fingerprint scanner is missing, possibly, the fingerprint scanner will be situated under the display or will be an side mounted one similar to the Galaxy Fold.

People’s first reaction to this has not been good, they feel “I would like am foldable phone which does something extra ordinary from my phone other than just folding vertically”. This maybe a prototype and we will have to wait for sometime for the details to come out.

Source: Ice Universe (Twitter)

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