Samsung Galaxy F Foldable Smartphone: More Live Shots And Video

We know shockingly minimal about the foldable Samsung Galaxy, despite the fact that Samsung has made something like two declarations about it – first the screen, at that point the entire thing at CES. However, it was the leaked official video (video is down below) that offered the most subtleties.

That helped LetsGoDigital refine its unique 3D render. Maybe the most obvious change is the hinge, it folds flat and isn’t segmented like the Surface Book hinge.

Samsung Galaxy F Foldable Smartphone

The entire thing looks shockingly thin, really. Some portion of that is another polarizer channel, which is 45% more slender (Samsung discussed that at its engineer gathering). The bezels appear to have been thinned down too.

That is a 7.3″ screen inside (1,536 x 2,152px), which overlap down the middle and a 4.58″ screen “outwardly”. The smartphone will have two batteries and will be expensive to create and to purchase.

Samsung Galaxy F Foldable Smartphone

Note that there’s some vulnerability about the position and number of cameras. It may have a triple camera on the back, which will probably need to serve as a selfie camera too (there’s no space for it on the front).

The foldable Samsung Galaxy (the “Cosmic system F”, maybe) will be divulged (once more) on February 20 nearby the Galaxy S10 group.

Here is the leaked video of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy F:

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