Re.rockspace.local not working ?

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Today in this article we will help you find the accurate solution for range extender related issues. Rock space range extender is a well known wifi range extender famous for durability and stability. In order  to access configure and setup. You need to make sure the web portal for rockspace extender is working. 

To connect with the rockspace extender console you need a default web address  or ip address. In case of rockspace wifi extender it is re.rockspace.local or


  • Extender is not connected with the accessing device.
  • Web address type is incorrect or it’s not in url format.
  • You are not using the right type of Browser.
  • In case of wired connection the cable need not have been connected. 
  • Extender is reconfigured and won’t allow you to connect with rocksaopace network. 

Now here is How you fix the issue. please follow the steps carefully till last. you need some of information and things first hand to be able to change, setup and configure rockspace extender Information & Things you Need?

  • A computer or smartphone with full browser.
  • Internet cable know as Ethernet cable. (Optional and used only in wired Connection)
  • Default ip address, username, password for extender if any .
  • Power outlet to connect devices.

Now first thing first –

  • Plug the rockspace extender to power outlet and turn it on.
  • Go to the computer or smartphone and refresh the available wifi network list.
  • Connect with rockspace_ext network and if asked for password look at the back of extender or reset the extender to start fresh.
How to setup Rockspace Range Extender? |
  • one connected with it go to the internet browser such as google chrome, Firefox or edge and open it .
  • Type re.rockspace.local at the url box of browser and hit enter
  • You should be able to connect with rockspace extender dashboard.

If this does not work please use a different Browser and perform the same steps or you can reset the extender and try again.

Tips – while you trying to access the extender dashboard if you are using the computer then make sure computer is not connected with router/modem with cable or else it will create conflict. find more at how to setup rockspace extender from start.

we hope all of this information would help you access re.rockspace.local extender portal. do comment and let us know if you need more help.

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