Loot in PUBG MOBILE: Top Locations with Best Loot

loot in ruins sanhok pubg

PUBG Mobile is the most played game of the year 2018. Millions of people have downloaded the game from play store and the craze for this game is still at the peak.

PUBG Mobile has successfully run for 4 long seasons and is set for another amazing season. Season 5 of PUBG MOBILE has got an amazing response and hopefully will end up even better than season 4.

Every single player in PUBG wants more and more loot. Yes, we want a KAR98 and a level 3 vest as soon as we land. We want more loot even after the level 3 bag is full but unfortunately, it is not possible. But it is possible to get good loot as soon as you land. Loot is not evenly distributed in all the maps. This gives us some hotspots where the loot is present in an abundant amount and a squad can get all the desired loot.

Loot is poorly distributed in Miramar and Vikendi. So, we have covered the two most played maps. Let’s have a look at the best places to find good loot in Erangel and Sanhok.

Loot in Sanhok

Sanhok¬†is comparatively small in area but it doesn’t have good loot in all the places. let’s have a look at the best places to find good loot in Sanhok.

  1. Ruins (Best Loot)

The best place to find good loot in Sanhok is Ruins. You can find M24 and QBZ as soon as you land. Spetznaz helmet and a level 3 vest can also be easily found.

loot in ruins sanhok pubg

2. Boot Camp 

loot in bootcamp sanhok

3. Paradise Resort

loot in sanhok paradise resort

These were some hotspots to find good loot in Sanhok. Now, let’s have a look at the places to find the best loot in Erangel.

Loot in Erangel

loot in erangel pubg

  1. Georgopol (Best Loot)

Talking about loot, the first name that comes to our mind is Georgopol. You can find the desired loot here easily. KAR98, DP28, M416, and all the healings and armor can easily be found here.

loot in georgopol pubg

2. Mylta

loot in mylta

3, Military Base

loot in military base

4. Pochinki

loot in pochinki

These were some of the hotspots where you can find good loot in Erangel.

If we missed out some hotspots for loots, do let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to subscribe to be the first one to reach out to us every time and to do so, press the bell icon.

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