PUBG MOBILE Season 5 Leaks: New Clothes, Weapons and Theme

PUBG MOBILE season 5 update

PUBG Mobile is the most played game of the year 2018. Millions of people have downloaded the game from play store and the craze for this game is still at the peak.

PUBG Mobile has successfully run for 4 long seasons and is set for another amazing season. Yes, the season 5 of PUBG MOBILE is on the way. The running season is set to end on 17th January 2019. The season 4 is famous for its winter theme and the new snow map. Each season of PUBG MOBILE has proven to be better than the previous one. There are a lot of rumors related to the upcoming season. You can expect some new weapons, vehicles, clothes and an all-new zombie theme.

New outfits on the way

PUBG MOBILE season 5 update

A number of new outfits are rumored to be added in the season 5 of PUBG MOBILE. But the developers of the game have not made it official yet.

Zombie Theme

pubg mobile rp

New Weapons

As of now, no weapon is officially added, but as each of the maps is having some unique weapons of its own, with the coming new theme, we can expect some new weapons too.

Other rumors and leaks

With season 5 on the way, a lot of changes are expected. New skins are also rumored to be added. A whole new theme is on the way. We can also expect a zombie theme.

With the conclusion of season 4, the RP of the players will also get reset to 0. Users would have to purchase the Royale Pass again. The purchased Royale Pass of the previous season will expire but the items that are unlocked would stay open to the user. Users would have to face demotion in the tiers also. People would be awarded with new tiers according to their current tier.

PUBG MOBILE season 5 update

pubg season 5 update

pubg mobile new costumes

These were the leaks and rumors about the season 5 of PUBG MOBILE. For further updates, stay tuned to trending leaks. Don’t forget to press the bell icon. What are your thoughts on the new theme? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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