OnePlus Concept One Shows Off a Phone With a Disappearing Rear Camera

At the end of 2019, OnePlus announced that it would be attending the CES 2020. This will be the company’s first official entry in the CES event. Today, OnePlus has released a teaser video for the OnePlus Concept One smartphone.

The teaser video suggests that the OnePlus Concept One is having a curved display. The curved display includes a gold-painted metal frame, which is home to the familiar textured Alert Slider.

OnePlus Concept One sketch

While all the above-mentioned features sound ordinary, it is the rear design of the smartphone where the real magic lies and which makes it stand out from the other devices.

OnePlus Concept One: Invisible Camera

The OnePlus Concept One is having a set of triple rear cameras, arranged in a vertical fashion, located in the middle with an LED flash beneath the last sensor but interestingly, these cameras do not become visible at first, which creates an illusion and we get an impression that they are invisible.

This invisible camera effect is a result of an electrochromic sheet of glass covering the phone’s rear-facing cameras. Therefore, the illusionary trick is thus a result of OnePlus groundbreaking color-shift technology.

The hiding method involves a glass that can switch between tinted and opaque with an electrical signal, letting OnePlus hide the phone’s lenses without using any kind of mechanical covers.

Moreover, there is an absence of any kind of camera bump in the smartphone. However, there is a thin line marking the perimeter of the camera set-up, which is like a champagne flute shape.

The Concept One uses electrochromic glass to pull off its vanishing act

The One Plus Concept One may have more surprises but as of now, this “invisible-camera” remains the highlight of the smartphone. Since CES 2020 is approaching, we can expect more incoming intel about this device in the upcoming days.

Unfortunately, details on processor, RAM, display, etc remains a mystery as the company has not said a word on these. Nevertheless, Trending Leaks would keep you updated with the latest news.

Therefore, stay tuned to Trending Leaks and kindly do let us know your views on this teaser video.
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