LG To Launch LG Q60, A New Mid-Range Smartphone Is Incoming

LG is soon to launch another mid-range phone named the LG Q60. The gadget will be propelled amid the up and coming Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019.

LG Electronics has applied for a trademark on 1 February 2019 in Colombia for the brand name Q60. The trademark is delegated Class 9 with the portrayal; ‘smartphones’.

LG Q60

The LG Q series is a moderately new smartphone lineup that was made in mid-2017 with the presentation of the Q6 series, comprising of three phone models. The Q6 was likewise observed as the younger sibling of the G6, the best model at the time. In May a year ago, the Q7 series was propelled as a less expensive form of the G7 ThinQ. Furthermore, very little later three Q Stylus models were included, these are white collar class phones with a stylus pen.

LG Q60 trademark

A month ago, the last model was presented inside the Q arrangement, the LG Q9. This time, notwithstanding, it was not three models, but rather one model. The phone is likewise just launched in Korea.

In addition, it is the first occasion when that LG presents the Q-arrangement display before the best model is launched. You would anticipate that the Q8 should be launched after the LG G8 ThinQ has been uncovered. Does this imply LG’s next best model isn’t the G8, however the LG G9? We should keep a watch out.

Then again, the Q9 demonstrated a ton of likenesses with the G7 Fit, the least expensive model inside the top of the line G-arrangement. It is thusly additionally conceivable that LG means to dispatch significantly more Q lineup phones in 2019.

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