Jio Phone Lite Feature Phone with No Internet Connectivity Could Launch for Around Rs 400

Today, we all are looking for flagship smartphones. Now, 5G smartphones are in a trend. People are getting mad for higher internet speed, better picture qualities, greater storage capacity, battery life, quick charge and what not! Therefore, the companies are also trying their level best to satisfy their customers.

However, Reliance Jio is moving opposite to this flow. Reliance Jio appears to be working on a feature phone, which won’t even allow you to access the internet. According to the reports, Reliance Jio could soon launch a feature phone, which won’t even allow you to access the internet, and would exclusively available for calling and texting purposes only.

Moreover, reportedly, the company has already started surveying with retailers, seeking their views on whether the alleged “Jio Phone Lite” would be able to meet the requirements of the aimed segment of people or not.

Earlier the company launched ‘Jio Phone 2’ at a cost of mere Rs. 1500 only with a full year guarantee as well. This phone was a huge success.

Jio Phone Lite
Jio Phone

As per reports, the company could introduce a new feature phone dubbed ‘Jio phone Lite’. The source reports that the Jio Phone Lite could cost somewhere around Rs 400 and definitely under Rs 500.

Besides, the company is also planning to launch a dedicated recharge plan for this mobile. Reportedly, Jio will launch a Rs 50 recharge plan exclusively for the Jio Phone Lite, whose validity will be set for 28 days.

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As far as the specifications are concerned, Jio’s phone is having a small display screen and an alphanumeric keypad. There will be the presence of a removable battery and there won’t be any internal storage. The remaining specifications are still unknown.

A feature phone of just Rs 400 is honestly good stuff. However, expecting too much from this phone would not be appropriate. If this phone is launched, it would be just for calling and texting purposes only. However, there is no official confirmation on this by the company. It could just be a survey done by the company also.

Therefore, it is advisable to take this news with a pinch of salt as of now. As soon as we get more intel on this news, we would be surely updating you. Stay tuned to Trending Leaks and do let us know your views on Jio Phone Lite in the comment section down below.

Happy Androiding to all of you!

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