Indian telcos revamp the tariffs for the country : Everything you need to know

After getting a good customer response in 4th generation. Telecom companies are now going to increase their tariffs by 15 % to 47%.This change is going to affect the customers for sure. This all is happening because of only one reason, the entire telecom industry is burdened with dues of over ₹ 7.8 lac crore . And to get out of this debt , telecom  companies have to increase their tariffs.  The new tariff plans will be exercised for prepaid customers only. Postpaid customers will enjoy the calls and data service at the older rates. The new plans of Bharti Airtel, Vodafone, Idea will come into effect from 3 December midnight while Reliance Jio is going to do the same by 6 December.

Reliance Jio :

This company has not declared it’s plan till now but announced that customers will have to pay 40 % more to use the data services and calls. Jio has clarified that they will be introducing new ALL IN ONE plan. This plan will be effective by 6 December. Jio will take every necessary step so as to sustain the Indian market.

Reliance Jio will take every possible step to attract more customers towards itself. From beginning itself, when this company was launched 4 years back. It brought revolution in the Indian Tele companies. And after that, this company has never looked back. Whether it be attractive plans or free memberships. So, it is estimated that this company will introduce some exclusive offer to the customers by 6 December.

Airtel :

Bharti Airtel’s revised tariffs will be effective by 3 December midnight. New plans will vary from ₹19 ( two day validity ) to ₹ 1699(one year validity). Company has announced that all the plans above 169 will have several other benefits such as free hello tunes, wynk music subscription, Airtel Xtreme premium and Anti-virus mobile protection.

Vodafone Idea :

Like other companies, Vodafone is also going to update it’s tariff plans. And here update centers to increase. The latest plans will vary from ₹19(two day validity) to ₹2399(one year validity). Vodafone is going to make these changes by 3 December midnight.

The new tariff plans can be bought from MyVodafone app, MyIdea app, paytm, phone pay and other leading wallet apps. Customers can also dial *121# to check the latest plans.

Customer reaction :

This is very important that how customers will react to this revised plans. Either people will stay with their old sim operators or can change their sim operators based on their own convenience.The revised plans are going to affect the market for sure. Few customers will shift their choices for sim cards. Based on their usage and needs, users can change their sim operators. Now, companies will have to be careful about their quality  and services. Because if these points will not be taken into consideration, the companies might have to bear the loss.


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