How to Fix Brother Printer E50 Error Code?

Before we start with how to fix error code E50 in a brother printer, let’s first know what this “brother printer E50 error code” means?

There are many status lights available in a brother printer, which indicates the problems in your device’s components. Fuser unit failure is known as error E50, in which the fuser unit of the machine stops working and needs to be replaced.

The error is easily visible in the front display panel as “fuser unit failure” or “replace the fuser unit.” The Fuser unit is the latest update inside your brother laser printer; the fuser’s work is to use heat to adhere ink onto a piece of paper after it has received an impression from the transfer belt.

Solution 1 – Allow your brother printer some rest time

⮚ Foremost, turn off your printer, and before doing so, save all the essential documents that are to be printed in your system.
⮚ Then power off your printer by pressing and holding the power button.
⮚ Let the printer rest for 15-20 minutes.
⮚ After waiting for a while, long-press the power butter to restart the device.
⮚ Leave it again for 15-20 minutes after restarting the printer.

The above solution will temporarily fix your device for urgent work and replace the fuser unit later.

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replace the consumable part regularly

▪ Click the ‘menu’ tab in the control panel of the device.
▪ Then for information about the printer, click on the 8 number.
▪ To understand the life parts of your machine, hit the three tabs.
▪ To check the fuser, click the three keys.
▪ Now the remaining life part of your fuser will be visible on your brother printer’s screen.
▪ To exit the information window, click on ‘stop.’

These are the primary ways through which you can fix the error in the device. If these two solutions fail to fix the error, there are some other ways to improve it. The above solutions are internal solutions to fix the printer, given below are the external solutions to fix error E50 in the device.

❖    Replace fuser:  it can neither be repaired nor rebuilt; you can’t use other manufacturer’s
products too. The new fuser unit that you set in the device should match your printer’s model.
❖    How to remove the fuser unit: the fuser unit is placed behind your device, with two release lever support. Pull down both the levers and remove the component; before doing so, make sure to turn the machine off so that extracting the part is becoming cool.
❖    Replacement: to replace the fuser unit performs the same steps as removing the fuser.
❖    Restart: once you are done replacing your device, it automatically detects the new fuser and glows the ‘ready’ light. Which means your device is ready to perform new tasks.

one can always reset the printer to default settings & find brother printer default password to connect and download the printer again to make sure its not a software problem.

These are the straightforward steps to fix and replace your brother printer’s fuser unit, but it may get complicated as the process might vary in different models of printers. If your device doesn’t work correctly, even after performing the above solutions, it is suggested to contact the experts.

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