Does the field of data science attract you? Here is the certification you need

The basic purpose of data science is to create and leverage various forms of data to understand trends and phenomena. Data can be useful in many career fields but is often associatedwith science, business, health and public policy.In a business world, data analytics is oriented towards understanding industry and product patterns and making its best use for managing organizational goals. Data is being used in many areas to collect information and analyze trendsbut has different end purposes, like gathering census data or report on diseases. Data Scientist is one of the trending jobs in the world. The business sector is increasingly relying on big data and is willing to employ such experts who can get the best insights of data provided to them. These professionals have specific industry-ready skills that they have gained overtime, starting with a PG certification in data sciencein India.

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If you are looking to make a career in this field or want to stand out in the competition, PG certification in data science is your key. The certification is one of the ways of acquiring industry-relevant skills and grow a career in it.

In India, there are many certifications that you can pursueonline and offline, but only a few guarantee advanced curriculum and better placements. Here’s a list of some of the top courses that help you gain the most recent skills of the industry and take a leap in your career.

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Data Science (Jigsaw Academy)

PG Certification in Data Science by Jigsaw Academy is one of the most comprehensive courses for data science in India, which is in association with Equifax. The curriculum of the course is industry-relevant with the applications of multiple domains taught by their subject matter experts in academia and the IT industry.PG certification in data science is an online course where you will also acquire knowledge from hands-on experience from industry experts.

Key USPs:

  • Guaranteed placement
  • Ranked #2 among “Top 10 Executive Data Science Courses 2017, 2018, 2019”
  • Tools to learn during the course duration: Tableau, R, Python, Hive, Hadoop, Excel, NoSQL, SQL, Apache, Spark, Storm
  • Learn Big data technologies and advanced big data techniques
  • Learn the latest buzzwords of the industry in detail like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data visualization
  • Explore the domain of data analysis, data scrapping and wrangling
  • Learn artificial and neural networks that emphasize the development of smart cities
  • Capstone project- 3 months
  • Duration- 11 months


  1. Data Science Certification (IBM)

It is a series of online data science course offered by IBM on Coursera. The lectures cover a broad range of topics, including the latest trends of the industry, such as data visualization, analysis, open-source tools and libraries. The program is an excellent amalgamation of industry trends and projects that help enhance the data science skills required for making a successful career.

Key USPs:

  • Duration- 3-5 weeks per course
  • Available for both professionals and non-professionals of the field
  • One of the best certifications for machine learning that has extensive syllabi
  • Instructor-led program


  1. PG Certificate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning (Manipal ProLearn)

PG certification in Data Science and Machine Learning offered by Manipal ProLearn covers an in-depth industry-relevant curriculum. You can upgrade your skills with the program’s online live lectures from industry experts.

Key USPs:

  • Duration- 6 months
  • Learners undergo online quizzed for every topic and online assessment for each module
  • Learn from the webinar, meet-ups, and other curriculum activities


  1. PG Program in Data Science (UpGrad)

UpGrad offers PG Certification in Data Sciencein association with IIT Bangalore, where industry-experts have designed the curriculum. The program provides extensive knowledge of the data science field and has numerous guest lectures from industry leaders and renowned faculty.

Key USPs:

  • Duration- 11 months
  • Learn data management, statistical, exploratory data analysis, big data analytics tools,and machine learning
  • Mentoring by industry-experts
  • Career assistance


If the field of data science is attractive enough for you, start your career with a PG certification in data science in India and earn a fortune for yourself. Learn from industryexperts and enhance your skills.












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