How to contact Pogo technical support?

Facing a problem with pogo games? Having some Trouble and issues that cannot be resolved by oneself? Yes, there are some issues on pogo games that can only be resolved by pogo tech support. Here are some ways one can contact pogo tech support and, therefore, get their problems solved.

Pogo is one of the biggest game developers by EA games. There are over 5 million registered users on Pogo in which free users and Club Pogo members are included. Among these many users, there is always a corner for those users who face problems while using Pogo games or are not satisfied with the service. Issues related to loading and account login can be solved easily by anyone. There can be issues like missing tokens, problems related to subscription, password change, problems that users cannot resolve by themselves.

About Contact Pogo technical support

Pogo tech support is the technical team working to solve problems faced by the Pogo Game users. It aims to solve the users’ issues and make the gaming environment smooth and problem-free. This department handles the company’s technical problems or reported by the users, or we can say that it works on solving the issues that occur due to error in the technical department of Pogo Games. Having Millions of people using the Pogo platform makes it important for the company to provide the best customer services, and a department special to take customers’ problems and solve them for users.

Contact Pogo Technical Support 

Few users face problems while using pogo games due to some technical errors. These users need a contact where they can post their problems. And few of these users lack the idea of how to contact pogo games support number. This section will discuss various ways to contact pogo tech support. if your pogo not working then Below are the few easy steps one can follow to contact pogo tech support and get their issues resolved or problems solved. 

1. The first step to follow to get in touch with pogo tech support is to open your browser and go to the website is Once you have searched this URL on your browser, you must search for Pogo Game in it and select it. In case this website is not loaded, or you do not find this website on your browser, then consider visiting  

2. After searching the website mentioned in the first bullet point and selecting the Pogo game on the website, the next step is to select your platform. In this step, you will have to choose the platform you are using: PC, Android phone, android tablet, MAC, iPhone, or iPad.

3. After selecting the platform you are using, the next choice will be to choose between the topics. These topics are Codes and Promotions, Report a Bug, Missing content, Order, Technical support, etc. As we are looking for technical support, we will choose technical support as our topic. After selecting the topic, you also have to select the kind of issue you are facing. The options you have to select are Connectivity, Downloads, Game progress issue; Game won’t launch, Game performance, and Installation. Based on the issue you are facing, you can choose anyone from these.

4. Once the topic is selected and so is the kind of issue, you will find the contact option. Click on the Select contact option highlighted in the blue box. The log in with your pogo username and the Pogo password. If you have forgotten your password or cannot log in to your account, select the new account option. 

5. Now, when you are done with your login process with the previous account or the new account, you have to go to the live chat and explain your issue related to Pogo’s experience to the tech support team. You can fix Pogo games not loading Problems on your own without any help.

How To Get Your Queries Solved?

After Trying the method mentioned above to contact the pogo tech support, and if the problem in the user experience didn’t get sort out or users’ questions may remain unanswered, then there is another method to try to contact pogo tech support. In March, Electronic Arts Bought, almost two decades ago, and for the last few years, users are facing difficulty reaching pogo tech support. But there is no direct way of contacting them. The user can only mail the pogo games’ support team, and your messages may remain unseen.

Many people prefer calling the support team to get their queries solved. But pogo games do not have any call support, so one cannot call the team to get their queries solved. Similarly, there is not a chat option on the website of Pogo Games. So the only method to contact the Pogo games is by sending them a mail from their official website. If the above method is not working to contact pogo support, and if you are looking for another method to get your queries solved, you can try contacting a third party to resolve your issues. There is some third party website which for money, solves the problem with your Pogo games. So if you are facing some problem and do not wish to try the official method to contact pogo games support, you can try contacting a third party to answer your queries.

Final Words

After following all these steps, you will contact the pogo tech support, and then you can share your problem with the support group and get it sorted out. As there is no direct line to contact pogo tech support, you can take other third-party support. Third-party support is also one of the most popular ways to help get your queries solved. Trying these methods will help you get answers to your issues. you can cancel pogo membership whenever you like.

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