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5 Best Privacy Apps On The Android App Store

The online world is rewarding but comes with its set of drawbacks too. One of the significant problems that we’ve all faced or heard of is hacking and the risk of losing our data, in fact in 2015, 4 million accounts were taken over (where thieves gain access to accounts and change passwords so owners can no longer access them), leading to losses of over $2 billion.

Android devices are ever updating but never absolutely secure of privacy. To reduce or eliminate risks of not letting out any information we must secure our apps.

There are plenty of quality privacy apps on the Google Play Store that can protect your device from hackers. You need to pick the best of the lot and enable encryption on your cellphone to keep it safe.

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Privacy apps To Swear By In 2019:

Check out the five best apps that can secure your data and also conceal web traffic:

  • Kyms

Kyms is abbreviated from the meaning Keep Your Media Safe and looks like a regular calculator on the home screen. When you download it, the name would show up at KyCalc and can resolve your day to day math requirement.

You need to set a unique PIN and password, and as it opens, you’ll find an encrypted vault for storing media files like images, videos, and texts.

Kyms features a built-in web browser and helps download videos right into your vault. You can also use it to transfer media files from your device to another.

The app might seem like just a calculator to you, but it does much more than that. It lets you protect your data until you want to share it yourself.

  • Orbot

Orbot helps your Android device have access to Tor network. When you use it along with the companion app of Orfox browser you can safely browse without letting sites track your location. This is again due to encryption and as it is routed through different computers.

To maximize security with this app, you must avail the Tor hidden services. It lets you browse websites with domain extension .onion that are only available for ‘dark web.’

Note that your connection can be slightly slow because your network is channelized into several computers.

  • FrozenChat

This app uses OTR or Off The Record messaging to keep your conversation secure. No matter what you type, it all gets encrypted before leaving the device. This app is an open source, and you can get the code online. Thus, security experts can easily detect vulnerabilities.

Unlike favorite messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger, FrozenChat doesn’t depend on a central server for texting and uses the XMPP standard. Thus, it not only helps you with complete privacy but also lets you register with any of public XMPP server that’s globally available.

  • FreeOTP Authenticator

Most major websites like Facebook or Gmail lets you login safely with two-factor authentication. Thus, when you log in from another device or location, they ask you for a security code. This means that even if someone tries to retrieve your password, they cannot log in due to the second security check. It safeguards your data and also lets you get instant notification that someone tried to log in from your account.

The app of FreeOTP Authenticator generates such two-factor codes for several services. Now, Google has its Authenticator app, but that doesn’t work as an open source. No way can security experts find out if a code used is secure or not. If you use this app, you’re open to much more than the Google Authenticator app.

  • DuckDuckGo

When you search terms in search engines like Google or Bing, they often leak the terms to third-parties or the sites you open. They tend to save your search history, time, and details of your operating device. This means the searches you do are all tracked by them. This makes them send virtual cookies to your device and monitor your search habits.

The app DuckDuckGo works like a drop-in replacement where you can access a default search engine. Here, the searches don’t leak to other websites and records no information on what you want. This also comes without any ads and makes surfing more convenient for you. The app goes well with Orbot and lets you hide your location from sites you visit.


You might not want to access the ‘dark web,’ but you’d want to safeguard the data you store. Using the right app can keep every piece of information secure against thieves and hackers. At a time, when we need to make monetary transactions and save crucial data on our devices, we must try to keep them as safe as possible with such privacy apps.

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