20 Best free offline games for mobile users

while traveling by train or going into no internet aria the best way to timepass is fun offline games. here is the list of 20 best free no wifi games that would really interest you.

you can download these games by going to the google play store and for the ios app store and enjoying them for free.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft pocket edition is one of the finest games among adults. The game is very popular among the youth and the best offline mobile game in the play store and app store. One can easily access the game through their desktop or android handset and Ios.

The person behind such a game is no other than Mojang Ab. The game is all about creativity without any barrier or limitation. Minecraft helps in building the world and creating whatever you imagine or like to see in this world. 

The work is greatly seen in Hogwarts from Harry Potter and many more to attract the mobile game lover. 

Find No wifi games with download links from here.


Badland is an action game. If you are interested in the action-adventure game then you can try this action game and have fun of it. The game has a lot of artistic and creative things to see and adore the developer’s mindset and imagination. 

The game seems to be simple and interesting but it becomes tough to complete the game. The game is interesting and amazing for the user to play either through Ios or android handset. It may charge a penny for an Ios device but in the case of android mobile, the game is completely free. 

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow fight 2 is a fighting game and is very famous among the youths. The game is based on a 1v1 fighting game. The graphics and creativity or imagination of the game is next level. The characters in the game are black and white. When it comes to its background it is quite eye-catching and interesting to look into. The background differs in each stage along with the different fighting patterns. 

The players can also change their fighting weapons. The game is available both in-app store and play store for Ios and mobile users

Asphalt 8 Airborne

Asphalt is one of the best racing offline games in the android and Ios world. The game is more in craze among the youth and is very close to many users in offline mode. The game helps in understanding the laws of gravity. The players can race for an hour and enjoy the game to their best.

The features of the game are quite easy to understand like the more you race the more you will get a chance to change for vehicles in the game. The game is set all for free for both the android and Ios users through the play store or app store respectively. 

You only need internet connections to download the game easily but to access the game for fun and joy there is no requirement for the internet.

Despicable Me

The character in the Despicable Me offline game is Minions. The games allow the collection of different things in each stage and help the player to explore more. The features of such games are old times so that the youth put an eye on it and start enjoying the game in a broadway. The game is also known as Minion Rush in a different part of the world

Infinity Loop

The infinity loop is a puzzle game and helps in exercising your brain in a great way. The game is to assemble the curve the curved shapes in a continuous pattern. The game also consists of a dark mode to shape the curve in it. The Infinity loop is an amazing game for mind relaxation and fun-making.

Plants Vs Zombies 2

The game was developed initially for PC users. Later with the advancement of technology the game reached out to people through different platforms to have fun out of it. The game is all about fighting the Zombies and winning the game by saving the plants. The game is quite 

interesting and amazing for the youths as time pass

Hill Climb Racing 2

The Hill Climb Racing 2 is a slow game and the player does not have to ride the car is a great speed to win the game. In this game, you have to perform a lot of tricks for entertainment purposes and enjoy the games for an hour

Six-Guns: Ganga Showdown

The game is based on fighting and entertaining the adults in a great way. The player needs to survive in the game after the fight is over. There are a lot of bandits in the game to whom you have to defeat and win the game. The game also includes a vampire and in case the amount of vampires increases you are not going to survive for long. The game is available for both the user android and Ios

Brain it on

Are you the one who is interested in solving the puzzles? If yes, then these games are for you only. The brain it on helps to train the mind including the physics and the puzzle combination. The game is quite challenging as it includes the physics part to connect the buildings. You need to follow the rules otherwise the building will fall and your effort will go in vain.

Unblock Me

The unblock Me is a puzzle game where you have to unblock the paths and win the game. The puzzles games these days are growing to be more challenging and tough to solve. Each stage takes a lot of time to solve the puzzle and come out with flying colors.


The games are designed in a 2D pattern and have lots of parts to make a block. The game is based to solve the puzzle and is quite challenging to win the game in one go. The game helps in brainstorming and entertaining for the player as it does not use the internet to play such game

Flow Free

The game is all about joining the dots in a grid pattern. The dots of the same color need to be joined and it will take time to solve the last few stages of the game. As the initial stages are very simple and easy to win the puzzle. The game is available for both smartphone users as well as i-phone users


The 2048 game is a very interesting and famous puzzle game. The game is all about making 2048 numbers with the help of number tiles. You may think to solve the game within a few minutes hold on you may be proven wrong once you start playing the game and it may take an hour to solve the puzzle and display the 2048 number on the screen

4 Pics 1 Word

The game consists of 4 different pictures and you have to figure out the name that the images hint to. The player needs to think about the words that resemble the pics and frame the complete word. With time the difficulty levels of the game increase and help in the brain exercise to solve the puzzle.

Try to play this game and you will enjoy solving the puzzle at every instant and will try to complete more and more stages

Cut the Rope: Experiments Free

The idea behind such a game is that as a monster you have to gather as many candies as possible that are attached to a rope. The player must keep in mind the candies directly fall in the mouth rather than in the ground. The game gets difficult at every next level and holistically entertains the player.

Word Cookies

The game is based to check your vocabulary and is a mind-blowing quiz game. The word cookies will help you to enhance your vocab and learn new words. In the game, You need to join the alphabets to make a meaningful word. The alphabets are in the form of cookies to make it a little more interesting and attractive. The game helps to learn new vocabulary. The initial levels are easy to go and the later levels are challenging and sometimes time taking to solve the puzzle.


Quizoid is like a test or quiz that questions things happening in your surroundings. There are 7000+ questions in the game and choose the right category to answer them. If you think your current affair is strong then you can easily choose the Gk section and enjoy solving the quiz. The game can be played without the help of the internet as such games are available in offline mode for both android and ios users

Fruit Ninja

In this game, you have to slice the fruits simply by swiping the fingers. The game tends to be easy and simple with time the difficulty of the game increase and it becomes challenging to slice the fruits in one go as there are bombs also in the game. 


The game is to control the ball which goes in a zigzag way. The only thing that you have to do as a player is to collect the points as much as possible and win the game. The background of the game keeps on changing after every 50points.

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