Apple Got Patents for Screen Fingerprint Technology

Apple launched the Face ID unlocking option for the very first time. It has a bunch of sensors, which takes a collection of many face points and keep them as data. Interestingly, this is the reason behind the larger notch area on the iPhone X screen. However, all of us know that this won’t last for long due to day to day advances in the tech field.

Interestingly, now the rumors of Apple working on its screen fingerprint unlocking method are approving day by day.

As per the reports of SlashGear, Apple has recently obtained a patent for the latest optical screen fingerprint.

The patent document narrates that the controller used in this technology is capable of changing the way to display a menu of available applications based on a user’s input to the touch display. Also, it can perform other functions based on input to the touch display too.

Moreover, Apple’s subsidiary GIS has already developed ultrasonic fingerprint recognition technology in cooperation with Qualcomm earlier. In this technology, the imaging sensor can identify and read the grooves as well as the furrows of the fingerprint. Moreover, such a system is equipped in a few of the android smartphones as an in-display sensor too.

Though we have been thinking it will debut with the new iPhone, it seems another Apple product will adopt it sooner. The technology used as of now demands bigger screens that occupy more of the front of the overall device. Therefore, there are serious chances that the new 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro can house this technology for the very first time.

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